PBX for 4 Trunk Lines and 12 Extensions
The Office PBX

The Growth Accelerator

Modern offices require a unique and completely integrated communication solution. Presenting Matrix Vision Ultra, a premium feature packed PBX specially designed for modern offices. It has unique features that are powered by microcontroller. Designed after a study of the way in which modern businesses operate; Matrix Vision Ultra offers integrated solutions for your communication problems.

SMT hardware design ensures a very compact design and low power consumption. SLIC used for extension interface ensures robust, reliable and maintenance free performance. The unique features provided in the system ensure smooth and efficient call management. Special features are provided that give professional response to the callers, hence enhancing image of the organisation. Matrix Vision Ultra is “The PBX for Office”, designed for people who don`t compromise.

Get the power of Matrix Vision Ultra for your office because those who compromise cannot have accelerated growth!

Matrix Vision Ultra is available in four models: (1) Vision-206P, PBX for 2 trunk lines - 6 extensions  (2) Vision-308P, PBX for 3 trunk lines - 8 extensions (3) Vision-412P, PBX for 4 trunk lines - 12 extensions (4) Vision-616P, PBX for 6 trunk lines - 16 extensions. These models offer optional connectivity of Door Phone Port, Digital Output Ports and Remote Status Display Unit.

Matrix Vision Ultra is built around microcontroller based architecture and utilises state-of-the-art Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Coupled with SLIC based design, the system ensures robust, reliable and maintenance free performance.

The system offers built-in features like Auto Attendant, Security Dialer, Internet Port, DTMF and FSK CLI, Digital Input Port, Analog Input Port, Analog Output Port, Remote programming etc. that normally are not available and even if available they warrant additional investment in most other systems.

The system offers efficient call management by way of Alternate Number Dialing, Auto Attendant and CLI based Routing. It can have a complete control over telephone cost through its intelligent features like Allowed and Denied Lists, Least Cost Routing, SMDR Reports and Live Call Supervision. It also helps in enhancing image of the organisation through its unique features like Name Programming and Dial by Name. 

All in all a premium and futuristic PBX! Make the winning difference for your organisation by switching to Matrix Vision Ultra because only those people grow faster who don`t compromise!

Key Features ^ TOP

Allowed and Denied Lists
This functions avoids misuse of long distance and international dialing to control telephone cost. A comprehensive list of numbers can be included in the Allowed and Denied Lists. However, it allows dialing of a few fixed numbers and restricts dialing of other numbers in the same area. For example, an extension can dial only ‘22-628-5738’ but not any other number starting with ‘22’.

Alternate Number Dialing
Whenever redial or auto redial is used, the Vision dials out the next alternative number instead of the same number that is found engaged.

Auto Redial - Multiple Numbers
This feature redials a busy number till it gets through. The user is free to concentrate on his work while the system is trying a busy number. The extension gets a ring and the number connected to is displayed on the telephone when the call goes through. Each user can submit upto 3 busy numbers for auto redial.

Battery Charger
The system has an built-in battery charger circuit which can be connected to 24 V DC, 7 A.h battery. It gives a back-up time upto 3 hours. In case of a power failure the system automatically transfers to battery mode and vice versa.

CLI (Caller Line Identification-Both FSK and DTMF)
The function identifies the phone number of the caller and displays it on the telephone. The CLI is displayed for both internal and external caller. Even in case of a call being transferred from one extension to another, the system informs both the numbers.

CLI Based ECF (External Call Forwarding)
The system offers the facility of forwarding selective incoming calls to a desired external number. Selective call forwarding is possible by defining a string of numbers. For example, the system could be programmed such that all numbers with a prefix ‘22’ are forwarded to the residence number, however a very important number  ‘22-628-5738’ is forwarded to the mobile.

CLI Based Routing
The system can be programmed such that particular numbers land at a specified extensions directly without the assistance of an operator, thus saving time and cost for the callers. Of great utility in case of long distance calls.

Digital Output Ports
Vision Ultra provides an option of connecting three Digital Output Ports (DOP), thus enabling three electrical devices like door lock, relay port, fan, etc. to be operated simultaneously. These three non-energized DOP can be switched ON/OFF manually or automatically. These DOPs can be operated locally as well as remotely.

External Music Port
This port can be used to play a desired piece of music to the caller on hold. An external music source like a CD player or FM radio can be connected to this port.

Fax Homing
Voice and fax calls can be received on the same trunk. If an incoming call is a fax call, Vision Ultra directs the call on an extension where a fax machine is connected.

Inbound Call Analysis
500 incoming calls can be stored in the memory with  details like caller number, trunk, extension, date and time of the call, duration of the speech, etc. These calls can be analysed based on multiple filters like caller number, extension, missed calls, duration, etc. Results of the analysis can be sent to a computer through the communication i.e. RS-232C port.

Internet Ready (e-port)
A special port is provided to connect modem to the Vision Ultra. This port connects the modem directly to the trunk line eliminating noise and hence improving data transfer speed. Further, this e-port is an extra port leaving all regular extension ports for voice calls.

Matrix Vision Ultra comes along-with Jeeves, which is a Windows based Graphic User Interface (GUI) software tool for programming the system. It is intuitive, user friendly and supports languages like English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Italian. Jeeves makes programming Vision Ultra a child’s play!

Least Cost Routing
The system can be programmed to ensure least cost incurred for each call by choosing specific trunk lines based on their prevailing tariffs. This function has a great utility now with the presence of multiple basic service providers offering different tariffs for different destinations during different hours.

Live Call Supervision
A security feature, it lets the supervisor know the phone number with whom an extension user is talking to.

Resetable Fuse
The system is accompanied with an auto-resetable fuse on trunk and extension lines. Hence Vision Ultra assures a complete protection against high voltages from trunk as well as extension lines there by increases the system reliability.

Scheduled Dialing
The system can be programmed to dial a number at  pre-specified time. This facility is of great utility and can be used to lock long distance calling facility at fixed timings avoiding misuse.

Security Dialer
A highly effective security feature that dials 3 different numbers and plays a pre-recorded message in case of an emergency. For example, it could dial the police station and play an emergency message giving the address of the office. Vision Ultra can be connected to any emergency switch like movement detector, smoke detector, magnetic contact, glass break sensor etc. The system can also be used to activate a hooter in case of an emergency.

SLIC Based Design
SLIC based design assures excellent loop resistance and improved speech performance. With no moving parts, the durability of the system increases, besides, it also leads to low stand-by power consumption.

Station and Trunk Name Display
Each time the caller calls you, his name shall be displayed on your extension. Hence no hassles to guess the caller on the basis of the extension number. This feature is available on all single line telephones (extensions) and not just on trunk lines.


Features List ^ TOP
Abbreviated Dialing (Global & Personal) External Call Forward (All, Selective)
Alarms (Duration, Remote, Daily, Time) External Music Port
Allowed and Denied Lists Fax Homing
Alternate Number Dialing Flash Timer
Analog Input Port (AIP) Flexible Numbers
Analog Output Port (AOP) Hold
Auto Attendant Hotline (Immediate, Delayed)
Auto Call Back (All, Busy, No Reply) Internet Ready Port
Auto Redial (Multiple Numbers) Interrupt Request
Automated Control Applications (Three)* Last Number Redial
Barge-In Least Cost Routing (Time, Number, Combined, Carrier Pre-Selection)
Battery Back-up Live Call Supervision
Behind the PBX Applications Music on Hold (Internal, External, Voice Module)
Boss Ring Operator
Call Duration Control (All, Selective calls) Paging
Call Forward (All, Busy, No reply Power Down Mode
Call Park Privacy
Call Pick Up (Group, Selective) Programming the System (Using SLT, Serial Port, Jeeves)
Call Progress Tones Raid
Call Splitting Real Time Clock
Call Transfer (Screened, While Ringing, On Busy, Trunk to Trunk) Remote Programming (from Landline or Mobile)
Calling Line Identification and Presentation (CLIP- both FSK and DTMF) Remote Status Display*
Class Of Service (COS) Scheduled Dialing
CLI (Trunk, Station) Security Dialer (Three Numbers)
CLI based External Call Forwarding Station Group
CLI based Routing Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR-Incoming)
Communication Port Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR-Outgoing)
Computer Connectivity Station and Trunk Name Display
Conference (Supervised, Unsupervised) System Security (Passwords)
Configuration Reports System Timers
Continued Dialing Time Table
Country Settings (Indian, American, European) Toll Control
Day-Night Mode (Auto, Manual) Trunk Access Groups
Department Call Trunk Landing Groups
Dial by Name User Security (Password)
Digital Input Port (DIP) Voice Greetings for Alarms
Digital Output Port (DOP) Voice Guided help for DOSA & DID (Busy, No reply, Transfer, Wrong Dial)
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Voice Message for Auto Redial
Direct Outward System Access (DOSA) Voice Greetings for Day & Night
Distinctive Rings Voice Message for Security Dialer
Door Phone (2 wire or 4 wire)* Walk-in Class of Service
Door Lock*
Dynamic Lock (Auto, Manual)
Emergency Dialing (American version only) * Optional